Friday, October 1, 2010

Master Cleanse 2010 - Day One

Usually this day is not the most physically challenging, that credit usually goes to Day Three, but this day is usually the most mentally challenging. It is so easy to go "My bad, did I say cleanse, I meant to say pig out, and then proceed to eat everything in the cupboard. But I know that because I am blogging about this, then my failure will live forever on the internet and future generations will know that I lacked the commitment to do something really good for my body. And I am no punk, so here we go. I stuck to the Agave Nectar for the lemonade drink and today for some reason it tastes better and it goes down easier. I had my herbal tea this morning and I enjoyed the warmth of it as I sat thru a rare thunder and lightning storm in Los Angeles.

I think I will have to have more tea later in the day to keep warm. I'm also going to get a new book to read so I don't pass these initial days thinking about all the food I will not be eating. During one cleanse I watched the Food Network for 10 hours straight and fed and tortured myself with those visuals of everything I was trying not to eat. Instead today I will reflect on why I want to be successful with this and what the ultimate benefits will be. I remember how clear my mind was after 15 days of one successful fast and how the ideas flowed. My energy levels were up my skin looked amazing. I want that again so this is worth it and so am I.

Thankful Thought:
I am thankful for family and friends who are as close as family. I am thankful that troubled times do not last forever and after every season of pain and doubt comes a season of joy. I thank God for showing me how great the younger generations are and the new way they have of thinking and processing their world. I am thankful for who I am on this day, and I see myself as part of God's great creation. Many of you read these blogs as an email or FB note and send your comments as such, but I would appreciate if you stopped by the page to give a shout-out sometimes too. Peace and Blessings.

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