Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Master Cleanse 2010 - Day Five

Some people have asked me, "how can you go 5 days without eating? Don't you get bored?" Boredom could be an issue on this cleanse if you let it, because the stimulus of food is everywhere, on billboards, buses, TVs, magazines, online, so there are distractions everywhere. And let's not talk about how wonderful food can smell at times. Your sense of smell during a cleanse becomes so heightened and it can be overwhelming. This is why I decided not to accept any friend's invitations to socialize while on the fast.

I also wanted to post more info about the Grade B Maple syrup and the cayenne pepper, why do we use them as ingredients?

Grade B Maple Syrup
-Contains manganese, an antioxidant mineral which helps neutralize free-radicals. Just 2 teaspoons equals 22% of your daily value
- Provides energy with its high levels of B vitamins and amino acids (amino acids are the
building blocks of protein).
- It also contains zinc, which helps maintain a healthy immune system. Zinc is required by
hundreds of enzymes in your body for normal functioning.

Cayenne Pepper

- As the best blood circulation stimulant known, capsaicin (its active ingredient) stops
platelets from clumping together and therefore allows blood to flow more easily.
- It soothes the digestive tract and stimulates the flow of stomach secretions and saliva.
- It is considered a thermogenic, which raises metabolism and aids in weight loss.
That info was from The Master Cleanse website. It is a great source of information about the cleanse and resources, books, and a community of people who have either done the cleanse or are in the process of doing it.

I'm thankful for another day completed. I am not weighing my body throughout the cleanse because I'm not doing this for weight loss, I am doing it to clean out my mind and body. After I have finished the cleanse I am going to add a vegan diet (a couple days a week) to my life. This fast has reminded me that there are foods that make your body feel well and foods that make you feel sick.

Peace and Blessings...

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KB said...

Thanks for these postings. I'm learning a lot and as always you're very inspirational.

Congrats on the half way point!