Friday, November 17, 2006

Bring Your Best Dish...

A friend of mine invited me for Thanksgiving dinner and I offered to bring a dish. I asked her what her preference was - meat/fish entree, dessert, or sides and she said - "I always tell people, bring your best dish." Now there was a dilemma, what is my "best dish?" First of all, you all know I LOVE to cook and since I've been on my weight loss journey I love to cook for others all the things I can't eat myself. But what would I choose as the best representation of Doreen and her love of food? I have to admit this has caused me to pause and think. I love to cook with shrimp, - bite size, delicate succulent pieces of meat drenched in coconut milk, marsala curry, garlic, onions, nutmeg and thyme served with a coconut basmati rice. Yummy! But I know there will be vegans at the dinner - perhaps I should do my eggplant with garlic/tomato wild rice stuffing covered with a parmigiana/asiago cheese topping? Or dainty vanilla cinnamon shortbread cookies (it is impossible to eat just one, they are soooo buttery and melt in your mouth good!)

Well, as you can see, I have alot of thinking to do now. Because, I love my friends and my mission with every bite of food that I prepare is to make the guests feel the love in each bite of the dish. I always want to make food that is so good the body almost feels healed just by ingesting each bite. I know this is a tall order but it is my desire. As individuals we can only touch so many people before we check out of the planet. But I do have many sensual memories of things I've seen, touched, smelled and eaten - memories that last for years. My mom's west indian fish dinners, the Welland canal with seagulls circling and boats docking, my dad's homemade pepper sauce, kettle popcorn at the Exhibition, mom's oven roasted potatoes, (to this day mine are not quite as good). I remember these scents and aromas like it was yesterday and they comfort me today as they did when I was growing up.

I want this Thanksgiving offering to be good, so I will have to think about this some more. I will keep you posted.


The Thanksgiving weekend begins

The holidays have come so quickly this year, in fact the whole year has whipped on by. Moving from Washington DC to Bakersfield CA has been an Alice in Wonderland adventure. To go from working constantly and 16 hour days to the slower pace of a stay at home homemaker is a real mindblower.
I'm getting used to the fact that I now have a new world to explore and a new direction to seek. First the selfish phase kicked in where I just slept, ate , swam in the pool, exercised and thought about doing good for me. That officially lasted 3 months and now I'm anxious to get back to work.
So I'm launching this blog to force myself to write every day or at least every week. I will include some general family updates, fun facts and my take on the everyday. So welcome to The Blunt Instrument. I'm hoping it evolves into a conversation and a dialogue between friends.