Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prepping for Master Cleanse - Ginger Mint Julip Anyone?

Master Cleanse Mixed Juice With Ginger And Mint

In reading about the Master Cleanse on, I discovered that some people do prep work before going on the cleanse to prep both the body and mind. I have never done that in my earlier cleanses but since I was changing the recipe this time (substituting Agave Nectar for the Maple Syrup) I decided a little prep time might be beneficial.

I went out and bought my lemons and a few limes as well and the Agave and today I mixed my first batch according to the recipe discussed in the previous blog. I found that I needed to increase the amount of Agave by 1/4 cup, bringing the total to 1 cup for 120 oz., not 3/4 cup as initially described. It still tasted "watered down", something I did not find with the Grade B maple syrup from Dr. Stanley Burroughs' original recipe. Should I make the adjustment now and go back to the tried and true recipe that worked before?

I decided that I will make another batch with a 1/2 cup Agave Nectar and a 1/2 cup Grade B Maple Syrup to see if that makes it taste more substantial. A cousin of mine, Taryn, emailed and said she only lasted 4 days when she tried it so I told her that I would try to also add some zested ginger (using a microplane zester)and see how that affected the taste. Perhaps some crushed mint as well, what do you think? I also find that crushed parley in small amounts can add a depth of flavor without overpowering if done right. I will go back to the lab, (I mean the kitchen) and get started.

I know that if I added other fruit juices this would also give it more flavor but I don't want to change the benefits of using the lemon as the main juice source. I want to stay true to the principles and the idea of the Master Cleanse. But the occasional drop of Angostura Bitters might be a fun addition... So who is going to join me? We start tomorrow....

In Addition

I would just like to say a prayer of thanksgiving for my dog Chachi. He was in the hospital this week for two days for diabetic ketoacidosis. Imagine a small dog on IV meds including insulin and antibiotics fighting to get better. But he is a fighter and he is back home. Thanks to Dr. Heim, Dr. Tanaka and all the support staff at the Animal Medical Center of Southern California.

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