Saturday, October 2, 2010

Master Cleanse 2010 - Day Two

Whew! I made it through Day Two. It is the end of the day and I am winding down. I did boil the distilled water with raw peeled ginger root. It added another kick start to the drink (along with the cayenne pepper) and I found it to be a refreshing drink which I enjoyed drinking. So yeah! I prepared my drink for tomorrow with both the ginger and two cups of mint tea that I made from the distilled water and fresh mint leaves. I tried it out and it tasted really good. What I don't know is the effect that will have on the cleansing process. But it does make this something I can drink for a long term. And I have 8 more days to go so that is a good thing.

Unfortunately though I feel like crap but my body is definitely responding to this break from crazy food. I've had a real craving for fried foods in the last few months so I hope this fast breaks that cycle and I can eat more a more raw, vegan diet. I still love a good steak but if I felt better I could learn to live without it. There are so many great fresh choices in Southern California so I do have options and I love to prepare different things. Right now, I'm going to sign off because this would be the time I had a late night snack with my dog and that is not happening tonight. So pray for me on Day Three which will start in just a few hours...

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