Monday, May 16, 2011

Fully Persuaded

My cousin Marcia wrote in her blog, Healing Waters today about being fully persuaded that what He has promised, He is able to perform (based on the scripture found in Romans 4:21). When I read that I thought about what it means to be fully persuaded. Many people profess a deep faith and belief in God, his divinity, his power and his authority. Yet they live lives of sadness, frustration, confusion and lack where he is concerned.

I've written about a double minded spirit earlier this year and I have found that my perception of God has changed in 2011. Reading Iyanla VanZant's book "Peace From Broken Pieces" and looking at and addressing the brokenness in my own life has been a real aha moment for me. I thought I was fully persuaded about who God was in my life only to find that my pain and my issues had colored my faith in God. So many people in my life had promised one thing and presented me with another that my subconscious belief was that God would fail me like so many others. Of course I never said that or had a conscious negative thought in that way, but my actions, driven by my subconscious, constantly told a different story.

I guess in order to be fully persuaded you have to be able to see God with clear eyes that are not clouded with pain and self-judgement. He doesn't change, but we are constantly changing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kirstie We Love You But Size 4-6? No Way...

I have been on every diet known to mankind. The scale has been kind to me and the scale has been the devil incarnate. And wherever I was on my 'weight-loss' journey, I always tried to at least tell myself the truth. But I also know that many times if I did not tell people how much I weighed they would have no idea. My favorite game at the county fair was 'Guess Your Weight' because I would win every time. Today on they had an article about actress/comedienne Kirstie Alley and her latest fall on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). The story headline was "Kirstie Alley on latest mishap: 'My blood sugar had dropped.' (But hey, she's down to a size 6!)".

Let me say first that Kirstie doesn't owe me any information about her weight and/or dress size. I got my own to worry about and that is a full time job for me. But when her people put out these ridiculous statements that even Stevie Wonder could see don't add up, it demeans her real accomplishments which deserve much praise. First of all, she is a very talented actress and a comedienne who has now added dancer to her tool set and she is doing it well. At age 60! And looking great while doing it! You can stop right there for the applause.

The rest of it is meaningless theatre and I'm pretty sure that that particular storyline is being pumped up by the producers. I wish they would stop it. The facts are that she is there because she wants to be and she is doing something that is good for her health and her self-esteem. Could they please stop treating the viewing audience like we are more likely to believe their press releases than our lying eyes? My pastor used to say, “I may have been born AT night but it wasn’t LAST night”.

This kind of thing bugs me because I am in the process of losing weight, and I would be panicked if people were asking me all the time what size I am now. I’m learning to enjoy exercise and I do it because I know it is good for me. My exercise of choice is walking. I normally walk up and down Colorado Blvd. and Eagle Rock Blvd. area because I can combine the fresh air with people watching, a latte or a fruit smoothie. I am not ready for rough terrains yet (no steep inclines) but I like a lot of variety to my walks. Where do you like to walk in Eagle Rock? I mean areas that are well populated and considered safe for women by themselves. I know Pasadena has the Rose Bowl Walkers, (, and I see a lot of people out together when I go to Griffith Park, but is there a similar kind of group in Eagle Rock? Oh, I should also add that my pace is still slow, an 18 minute mile. Who is with me?