Monday, October 11, 2010

After The Master Cleanse - We Tally The Results

I'm winding down my first day after finishing the master cleanse. I went on the scale this morning and I'm down 11 lbs., a nice result. I forgot to measure my inches when I started so I don't know how many inches I lost. A pair of skinny jeans which did not zip up, slid on easily this morning so something did happen on that front.

I was able to have prayer time and alone time where I could look at the truths about who I am. I feel more present and able to appreciate the day. There are some friends I need to reach out to because being disconnected caused me to shut out some who didn't deserve it.

One thing you have to watch after completing a fast is the feeling of being afraid to eat again. Sometimes you look at that weight loss and you say, "hmmm, maybe I should keep going?"

If you want to continue to fast because you feel there are more toxins to get rid of or perhaps you do have a weight target in mind, then certainly continue until you have completed your goal. Where weight loss is concerned, when you start to eat normally again, if you were out of control before, that same behavior will put those lbs right back on and quicker than they came off.

But if you use a cleanse period as a way to make a lifestyle change or a period of attitude adjustment, then you can keep those lbs off and more. I don't crave fried foods anymore so I will limit my exposure to them, sorry french fries, you are gone.

Today after my meal I went on a two mile walk. It signaled to my body that eating time was over and gave me a clear break from grazing. When I get hungry again, I will eat and go for a walk after the end of the meal. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks how that works. Change Is Good.
Peace and blessings...

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