Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of One Year, The Start Of A New Year

Wow... December 31, 2010. I made it, while many who thought they would be here today, did not. So first, let me say "Thank You God." I am very thankful that I have one more day to figure out my place on the planet and why I am here.

2010 is not a year I would like to repeat so I am changing my behavior from Day 1 because doing the same things and expecting different results is by definition, insanity. I am preparing for a January Detox and Cleanse, I will be following the Martha's Vineyard Detox , if anyone wants to join me. I will be starting Friday January 7th because my husband wants to join me and he has some commitments next week that would make cleansing difficult.

You may remember that I did that Master Cleanse in 2010 and I enjoyed doing that cleanse but I felt and wrote after doing it that I did not feel that it was a complete cleanse for the liver and kidney as well as the digestive system. After doing my research, I wanted to do this one because a) it should provide me with a complete detox and cleanse; and b) the weight I lose will have a more long-term benefit as I come off the fast and eat 'normally' again. Finally, my expectation is that it will help me to permanently reset what my normal is as I will follow up with a 7 Day Cleanse every 4 months in 2011. You can do this program to just detox and cleanse if you don't have any weight to lose but you want to live with more energy and zest. Just read the book and learn how.

I am also adding a new item to my daily routine called ASEA. It's not a juice, not a vitamin, not an antioxidant. ASEA is redox signaling molecules in a bottle. I'm not going to say too much about it now, I'll wait until I have tried it. Adding any supplement or vitamin to a daily routine is an added expense at a time where finances and jobs are uncertain. And for me to add to my own bills is a step of faith and a fleece that signals I want change. Maya Angelou says that when we know better we do better. I want to always be in a posture of learning and being teachable.

So tonight I'm going to record my stats and take a picture. (I won't post them until the end of the Detox for our celebration day). Please come on this journey with me and leave your comments here and not via email or Facebook, those of you who receive this in that form. This will be the spot I go to when I feel like giving up and this will be the spot where I will record my results and post pics and videos.
By responding on the blog page you will be helping me save my life and teach a new generation on what to avoid. I have a great-nephew and niece now (and I believe more will come). I want to leave them generational blessings and not curses.

Happy New Year! Please come on this journey with me and let me know what you are doing to change for the better. No resolutions, just faith filled actions. Start by writing it down, encourage me as I encourage you, :-).
Peace and blessings,



KB said...

Wow! What a great way to start off the year. I was thinking of doing my usual de-tox but I'll take a look at this too. You continue to be a great inspiration to me.


Happy New Year, Happy New YOU!!!


dede blunt said...

I did not feel very inspirational in 2010 because I felt like my spirit took a beating and I wasn't myself. But this is a new day and I am doing better. The ASEA I am trying out is being used by elite athletes so I will see if it increases my stamina too. Happy New Year to you and the chef!