Monday, March 17, 2008

Master Cleanser Detox Fast - Day 8

For some reason today my sinuses are blocked and congested and it feels like I'm in an airplane that is descending rapidly or I'm coming down the Mountains in my car. Ugh! I hate this feeling. I feel tired and sluggish but I know this means my system is finally getting rid of the toxins. I increased my cayenne pepper intake yesterday too so maybe that plays a part here.

I'm thankful that my schedule is light today and I can catch up on my reading and read some editing manuals to keep my knowledge base current. The lemonade is refreshing today and in my break from writing I took a sinus pill and I can feel the pressure in my sinuses easing up.

Chachi the California dog is not very active today. He is getting older (he is 12)and he loves to sleep and eat treats. He does not like to go for long walks or to share confidences. he prefers to be left alone, unless you wanted to brush his coat for an hour. He is a handsome boy though...

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