Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Master Cleanse - Day 9

Hello all. Day nine and going strong but I am a little discouraged about nine days and only nine pounds off - am I being a little unreasonable? I guess because I'm exercising along with my fast (yes, I do have the energy to do an hour of exercise), so I think I should see more. Oh well, getting discouraged does not solve problems and quiting before an assignment is finished is not a behavior pattern that I wish to develop. So I'm going to check the message boards to see if I can find some encouraging news there.
I'll be right back...

12:00 noon - My sinus problem is getting worse and it is very annoying. I'm toughing it out tho. There were many encouraging messages on the boards but surprisingly enough I found alot more messages of failure so I decided to quit while I was ahead

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