Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Made It to Day 3 - Master Cleanse

Yesterday was interesting because I was making dinner for 6 and doing a detoxification fast. I did not know if I could make it - making dinner to serve others and not indulging myself. But I did it. I did not feel like eating because of hunger, you really don't feel hungry on this fast - it was more the sensation of eating and the sights and smells of the food. But my mind was made up that I was doing this to better myself and to become more in tune with my spiritual and mental self. So after everyone was gone I made up my lemonade drink for the next morning and went to bed. I was tired but restless and it took a while to get to sleep.

So today was definitely a quieter day and I was not hungry per se but I did have stomach pangs which were usually a signal for me to snack or nibble on something. I also felt really cold today right in my bones and my muscles especially my leg muscles were achy. But I don't feel like these are signs that I should discontinue the fast, I'm going to keep going and see what happens. Because I've already done it successfully in the past, I know that these feelings will soon be gone. I'm thankful that I've been able to get through this day.

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