Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Day in Bakersfield CA

Well it is day 6 of my fast and I wish I could say it is getting easier. I hope that it does really soon. I went shopping with my husband for our groceries (consisting of lemons, limes and maple syrup). Shopping in the grocery store is hard. Especially the scent of the barbecued chicken vendors outside of the grocery store (My Lord God). I thank God for my spouse - he is hanging tough and supporting me all the way. So we are committed to at least 1 more week. So I will keep you posted.

I got a chance to read a blog posting from one of my nephews in Canada and it made me feel good to know that one of the things that I love, the power of the written word and the ability to communicate is also alive in the next generation. It is nice to think that if I do not get this thing called life right that perhaps the generation following me will do a better job. My only goal is to leave them more money when I'm gone than generations before. I dream about the day when we do not have to struggle and choose between our passion and our paycheck (American spelling - I do live in the USA).

Think I will take a quick nap.

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