Sunday, January 9, 2011

Martha's Vineyard Diet Day 3 - Repentance

Day 3 started with me having a headache again, but not quite as bad as the day before. Every single joint in my body ached however and I was only able to walk stiffly like an arthritic old woman. I felt bad but my husband generously brought my morning filtered water, Burdock Tea and Mixed Berry smoothie to my bed and I pitifully drank them all there. It was pretty obvious that my body was releasing a lot of toxins and I was having my first "healing crisis". If you want more info about that please read the book - I want you to get the right information in its purest form and not my interpretation of what the experts said. Remember, I'm not a doctor, just a woman trying to do better since she now knows better.

After listening to a great Sunday service at my church, (online, because I was not moving well), I started preparing the vegetable broth for lunch and the pureed soup for dinner. It was Sunday so I wanted them both to be special so I started with my regular Mirepoix, (a combination of chopped carrots, celery and onions used to add flavor and aroma to stocks, sauces, soups and other foods.) It is supposed to be about 50% onion and 25% each carrots and celery. I let that lightly caramelize in 2 tablespoons of EVOO and I added 3 cloves of minced garlic and 1 diced green apple. Finally I added 1 diced turnip and 1 diced butternut squash to the mixture with 2 sliced serrano peppers (with seeds included because I like it hot). Then I added a 1 inch piece of peeled ginger root, green basil, thyme, curry powder and a cinnamon stick and 4 cups of organic vegetable stock. I let the broth simmer for 1 hour and then separated the broth and the softened vegetables. The broth we drank at lunch and the pureed veggies were the evening's soup dish. I also drank much more water today and adjusted my ASEA to 2 oz. morning and afternoon, (instead of morning and night). I also had an enema in the evening, no details needed, but if you want to know why, read the book, :-).

My joints felt better in the afternoon and I went for a 1/2 mile walk. It was up and down a grade so going down was easier than going up. I was winded so I only did the 1/2 mile and did the other half later. It is suggested to only do a mile a day while on the detox diet.

After listening to the day's sermon at church, I felt a need to repent. My belief is that all humans are made of body, soul, and spirit and I was not considering the deity inside me when I was making all those food decisions that had a negative impact on my body. If I really wanted to live a life of purpose, why would I eat foods that would kill me before I had time to complete my assigned task? I was living a life of confusion and God is not the author of confusion. I guess I had to clear my mind so I could pay attention to the fact that I needed to change, (not for 21 days), but for good. I'm hoping that during these next 3 weeks that I will get an idea of what that permanent change needs to be. I deserve a better life than the one I am living and the world deserves a better Dede than the one I am giving them. I'm going to continue with my reading assignment and call it a night. Day 3 is finished and I call it good.

Finally, I must say that drinking this combination of dense fruit smoothies, broths, pureed vegetable soups with at least 5 servings of vegetables, and 6 glasses of filtered water, it is impossible to be hungry on this detox. The fruits and vegetables I am eating are nourishing and cleaning my body without a starvation diet so the weight that comes off from this will stay off if I eat with more thought in the future. And that is the plan...

Peace and Blessings,


Please note that I am not a doctor and this record of my detox cleanse is not an endorsement of any detox diet or product. This is something that I believe is right for me and the results will tell the tale. My goal here is only to report my experience.

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