Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why Hillary Should Be Respected

Today the American people celebrate the end of a primary season that resulted in the awakening of the people to the power of the vote. More people have voted in this primary than ever before in history and we have seen tv ratings for debates that rival the top TV programs and stadiums filled with 18-75 thousand people, wanting to see the candidate for the next president of the USA. And the democratic party has added thousands of new potential voters to the rolls that could show up in November and literally take over the political landscape. That is phenomenal to see.

It was interesting to me that after Obama had racked up 11 victories in the race and the number of delegates appeared to be in his favor a new phenomenon appeared. Women started to vote for Clinton en mass to register a vote for the future, for their daughters, to say that when we had the chance to vote for a qualified woman, we raised our collective voice and did so. But they only came out and did that AFTER it was mathematically impossible for her to win. Her wins in South Dakota and West Virginia were the voices of women comfortable to vote for symbolism without having to worry about that vote damaging their chances of winning in the fall. The powers that be wanted a new voice and a change in the political landscape that Barack Obama currently represents.

My hope is that the Democratic party starts to heal soon and the race is between two individuals who are passionate about their view of the way the country should be run and who engage in telling the American people why they believe they should prevail. My prayer is that it is about the issues and not personality, but I am not naive enough to think that partisan politics will not make an appearance in this race. And I hope that Hillary Clinton answers the question as to what she does want in the future and that the party finds a way to move forward and meet those needs. America does need a saviour at this time in history because the story of its greatness could go either way at this crossroads. Let's hope that we elect a team of people who have its best interests at heart. God bless America.

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