Sunday, January 6, 2013

21 LBS in 21 DAYS Detox Diet

Well here we are again. I've created my shopping list based on the Martha's Vineyeard Detox Diet ,  and I'm cleaning everything out of my fridge that will get in the way of my moving forward. I hope that you can encourage me as I encourage you.

Please be wise if you do a cleanse to first, talk to your doctor, I did and I have his blessing. He wants me to address the lbs that have crept up during this past stressful year.  He ordered blood work drawn to make sure that I was healthy enough to go forward.  Unlike some, I'm going to have to work and cleanse (then come home and do housework), and that is no easy thing.

Next step, walk in knowledge. The book I'm using is 21 LBS in 21 DAYS.   There are many different ones on the market, this one has worked for me. The first three days were rough but by the time I got through the first seven days, I could already feel my body start to heal. I admit knowing the short term pain that is coming does not fill me with joy but I know that when I am done, there will be many benefits that will come, including a younger, healthier looking me.

So clean out your fridge and let's get shopping for our health.

Yours in Health,


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