Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thankful For Life...

Recently I went to the doctor for routine tests. I was feeling tired and "dragged out" and "just not right" and I knew it was time to find out why. (Actually, it was my husband who was tired of me dragging myself around the house who made the Dr's appointment). A week went by and I still had no response from the doctor's office even though I called them three times to find out what the test results were. I'll talk about that more another time...

The doctor called me and told me that my life was in danger and I needed to immediately go to the hospital to be admitted. How strange life can be that one day you are planning on what you will do next and a simple phone call can change your plans instantly. I called my husband, (who was concerned but not totally surprised I imagine), and he drove me to the hospital. I was treated and released after a couple days and now I'm trying to do better where my health is concerned.

With people talking about 60 being the new 40 and 40 being the new 25 (at least that is what my girlfriends are saying), sometimes we think we can live forever. We exercise more than our moms did, take the right vitamins, use facial creams and look and feel younger. But reality is that we have a finite time on this earth and only so many days to either waste our lives or to make them count. I am working on getting my strength back again but very soon I will be working more on my legacy to the planet. And very soon the patter of little feet. I am thankful for my family and friends and I thank God for life and breath. I am also thankful for a husband who cares about me and knows me better than I know myself sometimes. David, you are my hero. Thanks for taking care of me.

A Bientot,


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